What is Caring Advisor?

Caring Advisor is a network of four senior living and lifestyle websites designed to connect elderly adults with resources from local care communities. 

We know that seniors don’t want to move to a new location; they want to remain in their homes. Unfortunately, sometimes moving into a specialized community is the right choiceeven if it’s also the hardest

The purpose of Caring Advisor, together with its support websites (Select Senior Communities, Premier Senior Communities, and Discover Directory) is to make the process of finding the right care for an elderly adult as seamless and stress-free as possible by providing listings to thousands of assisted living, independent living, and memory care communities within and around your local area.

The search for senior care can be difficult for everyone involved, especially emotionally, but Caring Advisor is here to make it a little easier.

How Does Caring Advisor Work?

Senior living communities are plentiful. And finding the right choice can often be overwhelming.

Carefully sifting through all of the options used to mean spending hours bouncing from one website to the next, comparing levels of care, pricing, amenities, and the like.

Caring Advisor simplifies this process by giving users full control over the senior living communities they see—as well as the ones they don’t—and presenting them with the best possible options, all in one convenient, condensed list.

Simply tell Caring Advisor the desired location and/or the level of care required, and we’ll provide a robust list of senior community options based on the custom criteria.

Users can then sort the options based on price—lowest to highest and vice versa—or how far each community is from the selected location, beginning with the closest.

And if the user is not quite ready to begin the search for a community, we can help there, too. Our community listings are complemented by a comprehensive library of industry-leading resources to help older adults and their loved ones better understand the whole process of transitioning from home to the best possible place for senior care.

Why Did We Create Caring Advisor?

Caring Advisor was created in 2019 by Digital Strike founder and president Chris Westmeyer when some unsettling trends had come to dictate how elderly adults and their families were connecting with prospective senior living communities.

The problem stemmed from the fact they weren’t connecting directly; it took a middleman for it to happen.

For years, third-party companies have dominated the lead generation landscape of the industry, but the reason has seldom—if ever—been because they are exponentially better at producing heads in beds than the communities themselves.

These companies rose to prominence because of a promise—a promise that they would do all the heavy lifting for a senior living community. They would create a listing to promote all of the community’s attributes, from care options and floor plans to amenities and pricing.

However, the catch is that the fine print of the contract always wins out, as the community is beholden by the terms of the agreement to pay the company a fee for every lead that its listing produces.

“We’re in this business because we want to help out senior living communities. The best way we can help … is by giving them one less thing to worry about.”

– Chris Westmeyer, Caring Advisor Founder

It’s estimated that senior living communities shell out an average of approximately $431 for each qualified lead it receives from a third-party company. At this price, communities have no choice but to pass these expenses on to residents just to break even.

Caring Advisor seeks to break this vicious cycle by providing senior living communities with rightful ownership of each and every lead that is generated by our platform, and do so at a fraction of the industry cost. This reduces the financial burden of marketing costs, allowing the communities to reinvest those savings to benefit current and future residents.

When a user selects a community through Caring Advisor or any of our other network websites, not only do they receive transparent information on community features, amenities, and more, but they will be connected directly to the community rather than a representative from a third-party lead generator.

No more meddling, self-serving third-party middleman. No more exorbitant or hidden costs. No more hassle.

Only elderly adults and their families acquiring the best possible care for their needs.

About Our Agency

At Digital Strike, we consider ourselves as a modest company, but we work with some of the biggest names in the senior living industryand they consistently trust us to tackle massive projects. They trust us because we don’t offer false promises; we deliver tangible results.

This immersion in and familiarity with the industry is what ultimately led to the creation of Caring Advisor and its supporting websites, notes Westmeyer.

“Throughout our agency’s history, we’ve gained valuable senior living industry insight working with senior living communities across the country,” he says. “With this experience, we’ve decided to create a new resource for senior living communities that allows easier, more cost-effective digital lead generation opportunities than what is currently available.

In an industry with many hidden agendas, our agency strives to rise above and make a difference for communities both large and small.

“We’re in this business because we want to help out senior living communities,” continued Westmeyer. “The best way we can help … is by giving them one less thing to worry about. Right now, community representatives can sign up their location and reap all the added benefits that come with it, free of charge, indefinitely. These benefits translate to free exposure, free visibility, and free leads, allowing community leaders to maintain focus on the safety and security of their residents while knowing their marketing efforts are still firing on all cylinders.”

Digital Strike wants to help all of those who are searching for quality senior care for themselves or loved ones. 

Explore senior living community listings at Caring Advisor or any of its network directories today by using the links below: